John Baugues coal to meet increasing Chinese demands

John Baugues' Carbon County coal venture maximizes rail potential

John P. Baugues, Jr. investment to augment
Powder River Basin coal production

The eight or so mining companies now operating in the coal rich Powder River Basin may soon be welcoming coal entrepreneur John P. Baugues, Jr. to their circle. John Baugues, Jr. has partnered with other coal mining specialists to form a new partnership, Coal Mountain Mining LP and Partners, and they are looking to opportunities in the Powder River Basin to form their first venture.

John Baugues and his team will capitalize on the tremendous potential of the Powder River Basin, which currently supplies approximately 40 percent of the 1 billion tons of coal used annually by the United States. The Powder River Basin is the single largest source of coal mined by the United States, and one of the largest coal deposits on earth. Its coal wealth has led Wyoming to become America's top-producing coal state for the last 22 years, but with the investment of John Baugues, Jr and others
in the Powder River Basin's Montana reserves, Montana may well displace Wyoming as the top producer.

The Powder River Basin sites eyed by John Baugues and his Coal Mountain Mining team in Carbon County, Montana, are home to coal fields with lower sodium, mercury, and chlorine than coal mined in the Appalachians or Illinois. Additionally, John P. Baugues' Carbon County coal has a lower sulfur content than other Powder River Basin coal, making it burn more efficiently. With John Baugues at the helm, Coal Mountain Mining is poised to make a significant contribution to coal production in the Powder River Basin.